Minggu, 15 November 2015

Make Quick Work Desk With Keyboard And Mouse Wireless Quality Cheap

Initially I had a X60 thinkpad laptop screen is broken twice. Then, because the price of its spare parts that are too expensive (for the new low-end laptop T_T) .. I finally decided not to fix its LCD screen and replace it with an external LCD display connected via VGA port. Be my laptop as PC hehehe.

Well that is not good from the "PC" is ribetnya cables. There plug plug here, there unplug disconnect here. Against the background of this case and plus buttons keboard innate laptop dislodged taken out one by one as a result of the youngest hehehe, finally looking for an idea of how I'll not complicated, is spared the "creativity" of the youngest and expectations can be more productive.

Then I remembered my admiration same #eaaa iMac, a computer which only consists of a monitor, keyboard and mouse. Its CPU has become one with the monitor so it is very practical to use. So I want in my desk just monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Searching it can be wirelesss keyboard mouse package (aka wireless) are quite well known branded and cheap. Long story short I order online until the goods to be sent home. If interested can check in www.lazada.co.id as of January 17, 2015 the price is 215 thousand rupiah, before I buy with the price around it.
Work Desk Nobita - after Doraemon go: D

Work Desk Nobita - after Doraemon go: D

Full-sized keyboard was quite comfortable to use although it took a while because I was accustomed to the adjustment of the keyboard laptop at home or at the office. For the Mouse was so-so as most standard mouse. Both are wireless so it is easy to be kept away from the reach of children or so the table looks tidy when not in use. The keyboard and mouse uses AAA batteries and can last up to 2 years without the need for ON / OFF. This is much better than the mouse that I used earlier, that within months had to frequently replace the battery.

While my laptop which has now changed function just as CPU, I put on top of the wardrobe and of course still connected to the power supply and monitor, trim with straps so that the cable does not fall apart, if it can still be hidden. When I will work, I simply grab the mouse and keyboard alone on the table. Instead when I finished work, mouse and keyboard I keep it in a closet close to the CPU.

Obviously if you want to connect to the Internet must use Internet network. Can use usb modem or can also wifi wireless router (check the link below to find out one of the tips have wifi access at home).

At the end, the most important thing remains the default workbench clean only monitor only. Table child or wife can be used for anything else if you're not used to working with a computer.

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