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Education is very important for everyone

Education is very important for everyone, therefore, the Indonesian government has launched a program of nine-year compulsory school. The importance of education is also evident from the budget provided by the government for education, which is 20% of the total state budget Indonesia. It's a fantastic amount. In fact education is not only limited formal education at school or university, since our birth we have got education from our parents. Education how to behave, walking, and other basic things.

In general the educational process occurs in three environments, commonly referred to tripusat education, namely family, schools, and communities. While the experts, especially experts in the field of education provide varying opinions wearing understanding and education function, which is expected with this opinion could be a reference in a variety of educational process in schools, families, and society. Although it has a slightly different opinion, but the majority of the experts have an outline that is the same about the meaning and function of this education. Here's his review.

Understanding Education According to the Experts
Experts are many who express their own opinion on the definition of education. The opinion of the experts is seen complementary and have the same outline.
Argued Langeveld bawha education is a business as well as the efforts made by the man who has grown in guiding people who are still immature toward maturity. Guidance here in the broad sense, namely to provide knowledge and understanding to the children how she should be responsible to accomplish these tasks, teach self-reliance, mutual respect, a sense of responsibility, as well as other guidance. While Frederick J. Mc Donald believes that education is a process that direction and the goal is to change human nature.
Ahmad D. Marimba themselves argue that education is a process of conscious guidance by educators to the process of physical and spiritual development of students, with the goal to form a winning personality. This superior personality has deep enough meaning, ie persons who are not only academically smart but also both characters.
Functions of Education According to the Experts
Prof. Dr. Hasan Langgulung found an outline of the function of education was no 3. First, prepare the younger generation to have the ability to be able to hold roles in the future in the midst of social life. Second, move the science associated with roles on top of the older generation in successive to the young. Third, Moving values of the older generation to the younger generation in order that the integrity and unity of the people maintained, as a key condition the survival of a society and civilization.
While Broom found the function of education is to enable the process tansmisi culture, and also to develop a personality, mengingkatkan unity or social integration, as well as holding the selection and allocation of labor. All functions according to Broom is indeed a very important process that social life continues to survive and berkembanag be much better.
From the opinions of experts regarding the definition and function of education can be concluded that education is a process that is very important and can not be separated from human life. This education must continue to run to sustain human life, because without education there will be no transfer of knowledge and values of social norms of the older generation to the younger generation.

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