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Diet to lose weight quickly

Diet to lose weight quickly ala Artists Dawiyah - Who does not know the young artist Zaida Dhawiya. Zaida Dhawiya children of elvy sukaesih dangdut artist famous for banyoalan as well as body fat.

Body fat have Dawiyah able to bring fortune. Dawiyah play in various soap operas titled comedy. Body fat is synonymous with funny things, therefore Dawiyah match play comedy.

There are a few things you should know about a quick and natural diet to lose weight so ideal that the Diet and Natural requires discipline.

Fast diet also requires a regular diet, scheduled and terplaning. Diet also should sacrifice the foods high in calories and fat.

Diet requires adequate sleep, multiply the fruits and vegetables. Diet also keeps us from things that are sweet smelling.

Diet also will not run without exercise. All sports that make you sweat out can do.

Although his body fat carries its own fortune, but Dawiyah feel uncomfortable. Well, here Diet to lose weight quickly ala Artists Dawiyah that you can follow.

Dawiyah always follow sports, such as running, swimming and cycling
Running is a natural way of diet reduce belly that does not require additional equipment. Track is able to burn 5-8 calories per minute. So if you are jogging approximately 45 minutes will burn 225 to 360 calories of fat.

Do any swimming style will burn 400-700 calories per hour. Pool is a powerful way to lose weight.

Pool is well suited to women who want to be thin again after pregnancy. Pool is able to mobilize all of the muscles of the hips, torso, and arms so effective for weight mengkuruskan.

Cycling is a fairly simple way not to burn fat in the body. By cycling wherever you can burn 372 to 1000 calories per hour depending on the weight and speed of the bicycle pedal ya know.

Unlike olaharaga run, the bike is quite simple and easy, almost anyone can. Cycling is also not boring you know guys, we can see the scenery more than a run.

Drinking water in day-morning,

When you wake up in the morning, make it a habit to consume a large glass of water. By doing so, the metabolism will be done because you have to drink water, but it also drink water or mineral water before eating, because you will feel full faster so you will not overeat. Water is also a lot of benefits in skin care and various goodness in our bodies.

Eating lots of protein-

You try to eat protein every day either at breakfast or breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are so many sources of protein, namely milk, soy nuts, especially peanuts, chicken, beef, tempeh, tofu, eggs, and maybe get protein foods also arguably easier and also affordable.

Avoid sugary drinks in day-morning,

The morning was a good time to start with a cup of coffee mixed with sugar, but it turned out to be less appropriate for those who are running the program to lose weight. You should avoid sugary drinks mixed sugar in the morning, and drink water mineral.-, Know what you eat

You should know what you eat. Do not let you be fooled by a snack or light meal that will not contain calories but in fact it is many times of a portion of the food menu.

Avoid begadang-,

Staying up late can cause a lack of normal sleep hours can make you gain weight. Because when staying up late, at midnight hour clock or passing out of it, you will easily feel hungry and your food intake may be added many though just snacking or eating snacks only.

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