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Make Quick Work Desk With Keyboard And Mouse Wireless Quality Cheap

Initially I had a X60 thinkpad laptop screen is broken twice. Then, because the price of its spare parts that are too expensive (for the new low-end laptop T_T) .. I finally decided not to fix its LCD screen and replace it with an external LCD display connected via VGA port. Be my laptop as PC hehehe.

Well that is not good from the "PC" is ribetnya cables. There plug plug here, there unplug disconnect here. Against the background of this case and plus buttons keboard innate laptop dislodged taken out one by one as a result of the youngest hehehe, finally looking for an idea of how I'll not complicated, is spared the "creativity" of the youngest and expectations can be more productive.

Then I remembered my admiration same #eaaa iMac, a computer which only consists of a monitor, keyboard and mouse. Its CPU has become one with the monitor so it is very practical to use. So I want in my desk just monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Searching it can be wirelesss keyboard mouse package (aka wireless) are quite well known branded and cheap. Long story short I order online until the goods to be sent home. If interested can check in www.lazada.co.id as of January 17, 2015 the price is 215 thousand rupiah, before I buy with the price around it.
Work Desk Nobita - after Doraemon go: D

Work Desk Nobita - after Doraemon go: D

Full-sized keyboard was quite comfortable to use although it took a while because I was accustomed to the adjustment of the keyboard laptop at home or at the office. For the Mouse was so-so as most standard mouse. Both are wireless so it is easy to be kept away from the reach of children or so the table looks tidy when not in use. The keyboard and mouse uses AAA batteries and can last up to 2 years without the need for ON / OFF. This is much better than the mouse that I used earlier, that within months had to frequently replace the battery.

While my laptop which has now changed function just as CPU, I put on top of the wardrobe and of course still connected to the power supply and monitor, trim with straps so that the cable does not fall apart, if it can still be hidden. When I will work, I simply grab the mouse and keyboard alone on the table. Instead when I finished work, mouse and keyboard I keep it in a closet close to the CPU.

Obviously if you want to connect to the Internet must use Internet network. Can use usb modem or can also wifi wireless router (check the link below to find out one of the tips have wifi access at home).

At the end, the most important thing remains the default workbench clean only monitor only. Table child or wife can be used for anything else if you're not used to working with a computer.

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healthy food for diet

healthy food for diet
healthy foods to the diet - so slim does not always have to pass through torturous process or procedure that a lot of money. Instead of torturing himself with a strict diet that makes life uncomfortable, better start adjusting the diet.
People who are overweight are generally less concerned with diet. The important thing is good and satiety. Instead, apply a diet with balanced nutrition between carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and minerals. Origin consistent, healthy and slim body is not a dream!
1. Do not just satisfied. Choose complex carbohydrates (brown rice, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, corn) rather than simple carbohydrates (white rice, bread, noodles, chicken porridge). High complex carbohydrate energy level is suitable to maintain stamina during exercise.
2. Should not the dinner over at 6 pm. When dinner time is not close to bedtime, the digestive system longer have a chance to digest the food.
3. Do not forget the vegetables and fruits in their daily diet. All beneficial so that your body gets enough fiber, vitamins, and enzymes.

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Understanding the Scientific Method

Understanding the Scientific Method
Understanding the methods and steps of the scientific method - This time, it will be explained what it is about the scientific method and how the steps of the scientific method. In simple terms, understanding the scientific method is a step in the work done by researchers in answering the problems that exist.
Schaum outline in the book explained that understanding the scientific method or scientific method is a step by step routine work of scientists active scientists as dibimbingnya their curiosity to learn regularity and the relationship between the phenomenon of the phenomena they study.
Application of a healthy memikiran rigorous research and data analysis is also an understanding of the scientific method or scientific method.
In a renewed understanding of the scientific method, developed by Francis Bacon (1561-1626) that the definition of the scientific method is a series of steps such as identifying the problem, gathering data within the scope of existing problems, sorting the data to look for relationships, formulate a scientific hypothesis or conjecture temporary, accurately test hypotheses and confirm hypotheses / scientific conjecture if there are findings of new findings in the experiments conducted. The scientific steps carried out in a systematic and sequential.
Described in wikipedia, understanding the scientific method or scientific process (scientific method) is a scientific process to acquire the knowledge systematically based on physical evidence. Scientis or researchers / scientists are carrying out observation and forming a hypothesis in his efforts so as to explain natural phenomena. Prediction or hypothesis is based on the hypothesis was tested by conducting experiments. If passed the test of the hypothesis through experiments many times either by the researcher or by other researchers, the hypothesis could be a scientific theory. Scientists or researchers may be interested in a different aspect of nature, but they all use a similar approach to direct intellectual inquiry investigation that is the scientific method.
From other sources explained that the understanding of the scientific method or scientific method is a way to find and reveal the truth with objectivity characteristic. Here the truth acquired a conceptual or deductive alone is not enough; must be tested empirically.
Finally, understanding the scientific method according to outside sources that the scientific method is the process by which scientists, collectively and from time to time, trying to build a representation of the world or the answer to the phenomenon of the phenomenon that is accurately (reliable, consistent and very objective). The scientific method is the process by roomates scientists, Collectively and over time, endeavor to construct an accurate (that is, reliable, consistent and non-arbitrary) representation of the world.

Steps Scientific Method

The first step that must be done by researchers is to formulate a problem that can be resolved. This is the first step of the scientific method. The answer from the problem formulation generally includes explanations relating to the order or process in nature. Many researchers are more interested in the mechanism of action of nature than the questions about the final destination.
Once a question is asked in the form of formulation of the problem, the next step scientific method is to find the answers by gathering data relevant to the issue. Step scientific method is crucial to further scientific method. Such data can be obtained from observations, measurements, calculations, and a review of the data the old data or records, sorted / sorted with the full awareness that found order and connection of what we formulate.
The next step scientific method is the submission of scientific conjecture or guess the term is called scientific and more popular with the word "hypothesis". With the hypothesis, a study will be in a conceptual framework. The hypothesis will be the framework in which scientific understanding be structured. In general, the hypothesis is a generalization that describes the state of the old circumstances within the scope of the investigation. The formulation of hypotheses that are characteristic of successful scientific creative imagination. In the scientific method, make a hypothesis using inductive logic. In other words, make a hypothesis that by taking certain things that are special, specific and then make it a common thing which will then be tested in the experiment. Therefore, the scientific method is often called by the method of induction.
It should be remembered that scientists rarely follow the steps which have been described previously rigidly. The hypothesis may precede the actual accumulation of data, the data ata could have accumulated and analyzed in conjunction with the development of hypotheses rather than doing it all in order. In addition, although the researchers creative and also very curious about their thinking processes, curiosity can be constrained by the views of earlier views that have been received. Therefore, changes in the existing theories are rare.
Example Steps of the scientific method
To identify the problem
Collecting data within the scope of the problem
Disaggregate data to find correlations, meaningful relationships and regularities
Formulate hypotheses (a generalization) which is an educated guess that explains the data of existing data and suggests next steps that should be taken to further studies
As precisely as possible to test the hypothesis by collecting data of new data
Confirm, modify or reject the hypothesis if obtain discovery of new findings.
For those of you who are still learning, following the steps of the scientific method is commonly used in laboratories and experiments
Steps Scientific Method
Formulate the problem: The first step in conducting a study is to formulate a problem. It aims to clarify the problem to be solved. The formulation of the problem is done by asking a series of questions relating to the cases
Planning research: steps in making a design of the study was to develop research purposes, draw up hypotheses, set variables, selecting tools and materials to be used, determine the pace of work, determines the sample population and to determine how to capture data and analyze the data.
Conducting research: The study began with the observation activities. Observations can be made directly (qualitative observation) and indirect observation (observation quantitative). To test the hypothesis that has been made, we need to do research through experiments in accordance with the experimental design were developed previously. Practice using experimental equipment is an effective way of learning that work to reduce errors.
Deducing research: After processing and analyzing the data, then performed conclusion. The conclusion should be based on the results of research and remains guided by the objective view.
Doing research improvement: A study will be be scientifically valid if such research may well be retested by other researchers. Therefore, the whole theory that there certainly are many researchers who become contributors.
Writing scientific reports: A scientific research can be valuable if the research results published for the results obtained in these studies may be known to others. Outline or an outline of a scientific report drawn up sequentially from the title, preface, table of contents, introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion, references, and appendices.

scientific method

Diet to lose weight quickly

Diet to lose weight quickly ala Artists Dawiyah - Who does not know the young artist Zaida Dhawiya. Zaida Dhawiya children of elvy sukaesih dangdut artist famous for banyoalan as well as body fat.

Body fat have Dawiyah able to bring fortune. Dawiyah play in various soap operas titled comedy. Body fat is synonymous with funny things, therefore Dawiyah match play comedy.

There are a few things you should know about a quick and natural diet to lose weight so ideal that the Diet and Natural requires discipline.

Fast diet also requires a regular diet, scheduled and terplaning. Diet also should sacrifice the foods high in calories and fat.

Diet requires adequate sleep, multiply the fruits and vegetables. Diet also keeps us from things that are sweet smelling.

Diet also will not run without exercise. All sports that make you sweat out can do.

Although his body fat carries its own fortune, but Dawiyah feel uncomfortable. Well, here Diet to lose weight quickly ala Artists Dawiyah that you can follow.

Dawiyah always follow sports, such as running, swimming and cycling
Running is a natural way of diet reduce belly that does not require additional equipment. Track is able to burn 5-8 calories per minute. So if you are jogging approximately 45 minutes will burn 225 to 360 calories of fat.

Do any swimming style will burn 400-700 calories per hour. Pool is a powerful way to lose weight.

Pool is well suited to women who want to be thin again after pregnancy. Pool is able to mobilize all of the muscles of the hips, torso, and arms so effective for weight mengkuruskan.

Cycling is a fairly simple way not to burn fat in the body. By cycling wherever you can burn 372 to 1000 calories per hour depending on the weight and speed of the bicycle pedal ya know.

Unlike olaharaga run, the bike is quite simple and easy, almost anyone can. Cycling is also not boring you know guys, we can see the scenery more than a run.

Drinking water in day-morning,

When you wake up in the morning, make it a habit to consume a large glass of water. By doing so, the metabolism will be done because you have to drink water, but it also drink water or mineral water before eating, because you will feel full faster so you will not overeat. Water is also a lot of benefits in skin care and various goodness in our bodies.

Eating lots of protein-

You try to eat protein every day either at breakfast or breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are so many sources of protein, namely milk, soy nuts, especially peanuts, chicken, beef, tempeh, tofu, eggs, and maybe get protein foods also arguably easier and also affordable.

Avoid sugary drinks in day-morning,

The morning was a good time to start with a cup of coffee mixed with sugar, but it turned out to be less appropriate for those who are running the program to lose weight. You should avoid sugary drinks mixed sugar in the morning, and drink water mineral.-, Know what you eat

You should know what you eat. Do not let you be fooled by a snack or light meal that will not contain calories but in fact it is many times of a portion of the food menu.

Avoid begadang-,

Staying up late can cause a lack of normal sleep hours can make you gain weight. Because when staying up late, at midnight hour clock or passing out of it, you will easily feel hungry and your food intake may be added many though just snacking or eating snacks only.

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Education is very important for everyone

Education is very important for everyone, therefore, the Indonesian government has launched a program of nine-year compulsory school. The importance of education is also evident from the budget provided by the government for education, which is 20% of the total state budget Indonesia. It's a fantastic amount. In fact education is not only limited formal education at school or university, since our birth we have got education from our parents. Education how to behave, walking, and other basic things.

In general the educational process occurs in three environments, commonly referred to tripusat education, namely family, schools, and communities. While the experts, especially experts in the field of education provide varying opinions wearing understanding and education function, which is expected with this opinion could be a reference in a variety of educational process in schools, families, and society. Although it has a slightly different opinion, but the majority of the experts have an outline that is the same about the meaning and function of this education. Here's his review.

Understanding Education According to the Experts
Experts are many who express their own opinion on the definition of education. The opinion of the experts is seen complementary and have the same outline.
Argued Langeveld bawha education is a business as well as the efforts made by the man who has grown in guiding people who are still immature toward maturity. Guidance here in the broad sense, namely to provide knowledge and understanding to the children how she should be responsible to accomplish these tasks, teach self-reliance, mutual respect, a sense of responsibility, as well as other guidance. While Frederick J. Mc Donald believes that education is a process that direction and the goal is to change human nature.
Ahmad D. Marimba themselves argue that education is a process of conscious guidance by educators to the process of physical and spiritual development of students, with the goal to form a winning personality. This superior personality has deep enough meaning, ie persons who are not only academically smart but also both characters.
Functions of Education According to the Experts
Prof. Dr. Hasan Langgulung found an outline of the function of education was no 3. First, prepare the younger generation to have the ability to be able to hold roles in the future in the midst of social life. Second, move the science associated with roles on top of the older generation in successive to the young. Third, Moving values of the older generation to the younger generation in order that the integrity and unity of the people maintained, as a key condition the survival of a society and civilization.
While Broom found the function of education is to enable the process tansmisi culture, and also to develop a personality, mengingkatkan unity or social integration, as well as holding the selection and allocation of labor. All functions according to Broom is indeed a very important process that social life continues to survive and berkembanag be much better.
From the opinions of experts regarding the definition and function of education can be concluded that education is a process that is very important and can not be separated from human life. This education must continue to run to sustain human life, because without education there will be no transfer of knowledge and values of social norms of the older generation to the younger generation.

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Understanding Money, Money History and Functions of Money

Understanding Money, Money History and Functions of Money
Understanding money | History of Money | Function Money | As the spoken word money in their daily lives, the sense of money can be a variety of meanings, but for economists, money has a special meaning. To avoid confusion, you should have a clarity of how the word money used by economists differ on the usefulness usual.
Economists define money dijuga money supply is often referred to as something that is generally accepted in payment for goods or services over the payment of debt. Currency consists of notes and coins, fits perfectly with this definition and is a form of money. When most people talk about money, they're talking about the currency (currency) paper money and coins. For example, if someone comes to you and says, "Your money or your life". You would soon hand over all your money rather than ask first, "What do you mean by money?".
Defining money purely as a currency is too simple for economists. Therefore, a check can also be accepted as payment for purchases, checking accounts can also be considered as money. Even the definition of money in the broad sense is also required for other forms such as savings can serve as money that can be changed quickly and easily into a currency or a checking account. Thus, there is no single definition, the definition of a true right of money or money supply, even for economists though.
To further deepen the problem, said the money is often equated with wealth. When someone says, "Bolas rich-he has a lot of money" could be in question is Bolas not only has a lot of currency and a large balance in the account gironya, but also have stocks, bonds, four cars, three houses and a yacht. Thus, the "currency" is considered too narrow to define money, the use of other more famous too broad. Economists make a distinction between money in the form of currency, checking accounts (savings) and other forms that are used for transactions and wealth (wealth), a set of forms property that can be used to store the value. Wealth includes not only money but also other assets, such as bonds, stocks, artwork, land, furniture, cars and houses.

Communities also use the money to state what is called by economists as income, as the following statement, "Sheila luring certainly very clever; he has a good job and earn a lot of money" Revenue (income) is revenue streams at any given time. If someone says that he has $ 1,000 of income, you can not say that is a lot of money or not because you do not know that the income per year or per day or per month.

Understanding Money According to Experts

R.J. Thomas said that "Money is something that is readly and Generally Accepted by the public in payment for goods, services and other valuable assets and for the payment for debts" means that money is an object that is easily and commonly accepted by society for the payment of the purchase of goods, services and other valuables, and for repayment of debt.
Sir Dennis Holme Robertson said that "Money is something accepted in payment for goods" means money is something that can be received in payouts to get the goods.
AC Piguo in his book "The Veil Of Money" is money is a medium of exchange.

Money and function of money

Definition of money in the economy traditionally defined as any means of exchange that is acceptable in general. A medium of exchange that can be any object that can be accepted by everyone in the community in the process of exchange of goods and services. Money is called currency Goods.
Whereas in modern economics, money is defined as something that is available and is generally accepted as a means of payment for the purchase of goods and services as well as other valuable property even for payment of debts. Some experts also mentioned functions of money as a means of delaying payment.

History of Money

History of Money

Before the money was found and used as a medium of exchange, trading is done through a system of exchange or barter. To do barter, historically must qualify the double coincidence of wants or needs that arise together. This requirement implies of course that needs to be in limited quantities and little.
(History of Money) With the increasing number of human needs, the more difficult to fulfill this requirement so as to encourage people to find a commodity that can be used as a bartering tool many communities. The use of substitute goods exchange hereinafter called making money someone can sell its goods without the requirement of double coincidence want. With the money he earned, he can exchange the goods needed but he lacked.
In the history of money, explained that the money never in the form of the two metallic gold and perak.Keterbatasan into surplus so the price remains stable and high, like many people in the community as well as generally accepted and not easily damaged and can be broken down into smaller units.
(The history of money) At the beginning of the use of gold and silver as a medium of exchange (money), is used in liquid form. It is quite troublesome because it requires the scales. Then, the difficulty is overcome by the introduction of the system of coins or coins. In the coin imprinted value of the coin is called the nominal value.
Interestingly, in the history of money, in contrast to the money today. Money metals such as gold and silver have a nominal value equal to the intrinsic value. This is because the listed nominal value equated to the value of the commodity. For example, one ounce of gold will be stamped with the label 1 ounce of gold so that there is no difference at all. Cases where the face value and intrinsic value referred to the money commodity or commodity money.